Ibrahim Zaghw

Success Story

Eclat is a Kuwaiti patisserie that offers delicious desserts, including special occasion cakes, classic cakes, and mini cakes. They also offer seasonal items. For instance, their best seller during the hot summer months was the tropical lemon frozen cake.

And, we haven’t even mentioned their savory items, such as their sandwiches and mini fatayer.

Interestingly, Eclat only sells online, and they don’t have any physical stores.

When they started, they began by selling via Whatsapp messages. However, when they wanted to expand, they decided to get their own online ordering platform, so they partnered with Zyda.

They also leveraged their considerable presence on Instagram to market their new online store.

Upon partnering with Zyda, their sales increased by 72%.

“We like the Zyda platform because it is user-friendly,” Shaji manager of Ecalt.

Today, their Zyda site processes over 90% of their business.

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